Azure Digital Estate Governance -6 Week Implementation


A focused project to design and implement your organisations Azure digital estate with desired governance controls

As an organisation moves to Azure it is done in various ways. Ideally you have moved to Azure following the Azure cloud adoption framework and have diligently applied controls across security, cost optimisation, identity, change and budgets. However, There are many organisations that find themselves with increasing amounts of Azure consumption, but that haven’t followed the cloud adoption framework and as a result now need to implement governance and security in a holistic, secure, automated and cost effective manner.

This offering is designed to understand your organisations business model, IT operating model and design a top-level digital estate that enables comprehensive governance and security controls to be applied as your digital estate grows. The result of this work will be a clear understanding of the controls of cost, acceptable resource standards, and deployments across a fast-paced technology platform.

FInal pricing will be determined by the maturity of the clients cloud strategy and enterprise architecture, and size of desired estate.