Azure Synapse Analytics - 3 Week Assessment


Strategic assessment of your existing data sources, processes, and business needs and customized plan for deployment and configuration of Azure Synapse

The main objective of this engagement is to provide organizations with a high-level, customized plan to best utilize Azure Synapse Analytics for their Data Analytics and Warehousing needs. This will be accomplished through a strategic assessment of their existing data sources, processes, and business needs. As an industry leader, Protiviti will create a roadmap for planning, deployment and configuration of their Azure Synapse Environment.

Activities to be Completed:

  1. Azure Synapse Planning Initiation • Based on client prioritization and need, assessment initiatives are collected. These initiatives include, but are not limited to: Current state analysis and Synapse resource overview and enablement • Build out the agenda by scheduling time with key business teams/divisions • Distribute a pre-assessment questionnaire to assess existing business objectives, technological direction, current deployment, and key requirements for the sessions

  2. Azure Synapse Planning Sessions Facilitate assessment and workshops with Client’s key stakeholders, departments/groups (as appropriate) to collect information in order to: • Discover Client current state data sources, processes, and needs • Review dependencies on current data architecture • Discuss integration runtime implementation and the use cases for the three different types • Review the security features of Azure Synapse, such as data protection, access control, authentication, network security, and threat protection • Discuss desired custom solutions to address specific needs of Client which Synapse may be able to address • Prioritize Client needs and related dependencies for Synapse implementation • Identify and map Synapse resources and services to align to Client’s individual capabilities • Design a high-level architecture to incorporate the identified data capabilities within the future framework

  3. Azure Synapse Roadmap & Presentation • Prepare for an Executive presentation that includes: a summary of the findings and results of the Synapse workshops, our recommended phased approach to implementing Azure Synapse and a high-level roadmap for Client’s short- and long-term Synapse adoption and implementation • Based on the direction provided by the Client, Protiviti will provide a detailed proposal(s) for the next phases of piloting and implementing Synapse including effort, scope, and priority


• Planning Assessment Pre-Questionnaire to acquire Client needs • Post Assessment will identify the client data sources to bring into Azure Synapse and the necessary resources and associated effort to build out their Azure Synapse Environment • Azure Synapse Prioritized Roadmap Executive Presentation • Initial Initiatives Prioritization and Implementation Proposal