Quantum-Inspired Optimization Proof of Concept


Powered by Microsoft Azure Quantum, this Proof of Concept is to showcase the potential of quantum optimization algorithms in finance and logistics.

Protiviti's Quantum-Inspired Optimization Proof of Concept is driven by the cutting-edge technology of Microsoft Azure Quantum. This customized 2-month project capitalizes on the vast resources and scalability offered by classical cloud computing. By incorporating radical algorithms and methods gleaned from quantum computing, we aim to achieve a unique performance advantage.

While quantum optimization algorithms have the potential to outperform classical algorithms in the future, the current state of quantum hardware is still limited, and quantum-inspired optimization algorithms are a more practical and reliable solution for gaining a performance edge at solving optimization problems with classical hardware today.

Activities to be completed:

  1. Use-Case Requirement
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Quantum-Inspired Iterations
  4. Refining the model


  1. Immediate ROI
  2. Performance gains
  3. Experience with quantum computing algorithms
  4. Onramp to quantum for your organization
  5. Solutions to real business problems
  6. Code for use after our team has completed the project
  7. Maximized profits
  8. Faster speed and efficiency over standard methods
  9. Knowledge transfers for your team
  10. Optional scientific paper
  11. Competitive edge

**Funding pends on eligibility