Azure Well Architected Framework Review - 6 Week Assessment


Broadly assess and understand the multiple dimensions of the Azure environment to optimize workloads and core organizational processes

A Microsoft Azure well-architected framework review evaluates architectural and operating process alignment with business expectations and offers both strategic and tactical areas of improvement. Protiviti is uniquely qualified to execute a Well-Architected Framework Review to broadly assess and understand the multiple dimensions of the Azure environment. During this assessment, our certified, Azure experts examine your workload through the lenses of reliability, cost management, operational excellence, security and performance efficiency.

By leveraging Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework, organizations can: • Review and assess Azure workloads using proven leading practices • Gain valuable insights to understand your security posture, architectural alignment, expenditures, and opportunities for improvement • Prioritize where to focus to optimize workloads and core organizational processes

Activities to be completed during Protiviti’s Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework Review:

  1. Operational Excellence: Efficiently deploy, monitor, and manage your Azure workloads

  2. Reliability: Design and operate resilient and highly-available workloads in Azure

  3. Performance Efficiency : Design and tune your Azure resources for optimal performance and efficiency

  4. Security, Privacy and Compliance: Maximize security, design for privacy, and align with regulatory requirements

  5. Cost Optimization: Maximize the business value of your investment in Azure

  6. Sustainability: Address the long-term environmental, economic, and societal impact of business activities

Final Output of Protiviti's Azure Well Architected Framework Review: • WAF review work program for Azure design principles with defined risk area, control objectives, and observations • Exception-based summary report for the process areas and the chosen Azure services that include both executive summary and detailed observations with recommendations to address. • A roadmap for the recommendations in prioritized order