Kubernetes Consulting: 2 Day Assessment

Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH

As Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platforms, Robotron offers services and support for all phases in the development and migration of applications in and to Kubernetes.

Since its inception, Kubernetes has developed into a widely used container orchestration engine for cloud native applications. Besides being run on premises, which requires complex administration efforts, Kubernetes is also offered as a managed service in the Azure cloud. This reduces the administrational overload so the team can focus more on orchestration, scalability and security of the application services. The range of the services which Robotron provides in that area, span from initial requirements engineering and determination of sizing specifications up to complete operations support of the application landscape, as well as enabling teams to deliver success in such an environment.

With the two day assessment offered we aim at providing your team with the fundamental knowledge to start up your own AKS cluster(s) in the Azure cloud. We present approaches for application development in different languages and for setting up CI / CD pipelines that match your environment and your technological stack.

Overview of topics covered by the workshop:

• AKS connection to Azure AD for user authentication (cluster level, not application level)

• RBAC configuration

• Integration of different node pools (VM pools with different hardware)

• Integration into existing infrastructures (network)

• Vertical (much easier in AKS, adding a new node) and horizontal (Pod scaling) scaling

• Automatic deployment of the AKS cluster

• Customization of the Network Security Groups

• Adaptation of the Azure Load Balancer (own Public IPs, timeout rules)

Individual workshops can be outlined according to your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us!