GPT Foundation Starter Kit: 4-week Workshop

RSM Product Sales LLC

Accelerate your exploration of emerging artificial intelligence technologies. RSM will help your organization “get started” in its AI journey and chart a path forward for adoption and value creation

RSM will deliver a series of executive briefings and end user training sessions while exploring real world use cases of platforms like ChatGPT, Azure Open AI, and Microsoft Co-Pilot. RSM will collaborate with your organization to share risk management and governance best practices, and lead the development of foundational acceptable use policies.

The primary goal of this workshop is to establish and accelerate adoption of foundational generative pretrained transformer (GPT) practices. This will be achieved by addressing the following areas:

      • Education – build a common understanding of emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with an emphasis on GPT models.
      • Risk Management – share governance best practices related to AI and GPT; develop acceptable use policy.
      • Use Case Exploration – share common use cases and brainstorm customer-specific use cases to drive value creation.
      • Strategic Roadmap – collaboratively develop a high-level strategic roadmap to address future needs and investments in AI and GPT related initiatives.

The workshop will be delivered in five (5) milestones outlined below, each focusing on achieving the established goals.

Workshop Outcomes:

      1. Executive briefings – executive level training session focused on building foundational knowledge of generative AI and GPT as well as the larger landscape of tools that exist in the current AI ecosystem.
      2. End user training – small group upskilling session for internal evangelists and future champions.
      3. Acceptable use policy development – development of policy to guide usage and manage risk related to usage of AI related technologies.
      4. Use case exploration - working session to share common use cases and identify potential opportunities for use of AI solutions in your business. 
      5. Strategic roadmap – collaborative development of a high-level strategic roadmap for AI related initiatives, integrated and aligned with current business and technology strategy.

* Pricing will vary based on scope and available Microsoft funding.

* Duration will vary based on scope.

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