Azure Innovate: 3-Week Azure Data & Analytics, Azure OpenAI GPT Assessment

RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM's expertise in automation will leverage Azure OpenAI GPT-4, identifying opportunities to optimize your business. We will analyze workflows, define priorities, and devise efficient solutions.

RSM will perform a series of workshops to analyze workflows, define priorities, and devise efficient solutions.

App Innovation Business Discovery Workshop:

This workshop, aligned to the planning stage, will uncover and document the customer’s key business priorities and desired outcomes. Based on this information, the partner will provide a recommended data and application transformation roadmap leveraging Microsoft Azure application innovation to help the customer achieve their desired outcomes. Review Customer’s environment applications, products, business processes to identify potential use cases and applications for Data, Analytics and Azure OpenAI GPT. Conduct interviews with stakeholders, subject matter experts, IT professionals, application analysts, data analysts to gather insights and understand specific pain points and challenges that can be addressed through improved data, analytics, and Azure OpenAI GPT.

Greenfield/Refactored App Envisioning and Rapid Prototyping Workshop:

This workshop covers envisioning and rapid prototyping of a greenfield or refactored application on Azure. The scope includes capturing business and technical requirements as well as delivery of a rapid prototype to showcase potential features and functionality to the customer.

The engagement aims to understand the workflow for each use case, uncover business outcomes, assign prioritization, and recommend solutions to help achieve desired outcomes. The use case report that results from this assessment will become an initial draft of the Azure OpenAI GPT-4 automation program.

Greenfield/Refactored App Solution Architecture Workshop:

This workshop delivers a detailed solution architecture design for a custom application using Azure cloud-native app development services (eg. AKS, Container Apps, Functions, Logic Apps, App Service, etc.). Customers may use this workshop to develop the detailed architecture and Azure cost estimates for a greenfield application, or for scenarios where a legacy application is being refactored or re-architected for a cloud-native architecture on Azure.

Proof of Concept:

Analyze the identified use cases to assess their suitability for improvement or automation using improved data, analytics and Azure OpenAI GPT. Evaluate the potential benefits, impact, and feasibility of implementing improved data, analytics and Azure OpenAI GPT for each use case. Share practical experience building production enterprise applications and products using Azure OpenAI GPT. Provide overview of best practices building enterprise applications using Azure OpenAI GPT. Provide actionable recommendations on how improved data, analytics and Azure OpenAI GPT can be effectively utilized to enhance the identified use cases. Considered factors will include data requirements, model customization, and integration with existing this assessment, the next step would be to consider implementation of the highest priority use cases. RSM would, under a separate Statement of Work, deliver a proof of concept followed by implementation to production for each use case.

RSM’s insights and portfolio of services reflect more than 30 years of technology consulting, implementation and monitoring experience. We work hard to understand your specific technology needs and provide the services to help you develop a customized, cost-effective solution.

*Pricing will vary based on scope and available Microsoft funding.

*Duration will vary based on scope.

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