VMWare Azure Migration: 4-Week Rapid Implementation

RSM Product Sales LLC

Model, Modernize and Migrate your Infrastructure and Workloads with RSM’s Migration Implementation Services for VMWare. Unlock your cloud agility, optimization, scalability, and security.

Businesses are turning to flexible, secure cloud solutions to house some or all their IT infrastructure. RSM helps organizations understand the benefits of the cloud and how to improve efficiency and cost optimization by migrating on-premises applications, infrastructure, and data to Azure. RSM's VMware on migration service can help you plan your path to an Azure VMware Solution (AVS).

RSM provides a comprehensive implementation plan based on proven migration strategies and incorporates critical elements of your governance and operations as needed for a successful engagement including Zero Trust security, recovery and logging telemetry options.

As a qualified provider and established Microsoft partner, RSM can deliver the full spectrum of cloud strategy advice and make the difference in a successful Azure implementation.

Discover the advantages of moving to Azure:

    • Retirement of Aging Servers and Computers: Provides key solutions to aging hardware and take advantage of the cloud’s scalability and pay-as-you-go model to reduce upfront capital costs and ongoing lifecycle management
    • Create a Secure, Remote Work Experience: Enables organizations to securely manage and access data, applications, and resources from anywhere with the help of features like Azure Active Directory, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Azure Security Center.
    • Reduce IT Maintenance Costs: Reduce IT maintenance costs by enabling organizations to manage and scale their infrastructure without having to worry about hardware maintenance and upgrades.
    • Leverage High Computing Power: Azure makes it easier for organizations to leverage the high computing power needed to run artificial intelligence, video, analytics, and other resource-intensive applications.
    • Maximize Flexibility and Agility: Quickly scale up or down their infrastructure to meet changing business needs, and easily access resources in different regions, making it easier to deploy new applications and services.


    • Define Strategy – Understand motivations, business needs and executive sponsorship
    • Plan – Discovery and assessment
    • Ready – Operating model, implementation options
    • Adopt – Migrate execution
    • Govern – Business risks, policy & compliance
    • Manage – Operations maturity

RSM’s insights and portfolio of services reflect more than 30 years of technology consulting, implementation and monitoring experience. We work hard to understand your specific technology needs and provide the services to help you develop a customized, cost-effective solution.

*Pricing will vary based on implementation scope and available Microsoft funding.

*Duration will vary based on implementation scope.

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