Secure Identities and Access - Azure Active Directory: 3-Week Implementation

RSM Product Sales LLC

Protect your data and resources from unauthorized access or malicious attacks by securing identities and access with Azure Active Directory

RSM will help protect your users and data with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a cloud-based identity and access management service which provides robust security features for managing user identities, authenticating users, and controlling access to resources.

Securing identities and access is critical for companies dealing with any of the following use cases:

    1. Organizations with a remote workforce: With the increasing popularity of remote work, organizations need to ensure that remote users are securely accessing resources. Azure AD Zero Trust provides secure access to resources from any location, making it ideal for organizations with a remote workforce.
    2. Businesses that handle sensitive data: Companies that deal with sensitive data such as financial data, healthcare information, and personally identifiable information (PII) must ensure that their data is secure. Azure AD Zero Trust provides a robust security model that can help protect sensitive data.
    3. Organizations that use cloud-based services: Cloud-based services are becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes the need for secure access to these services. Azure AD Zero Trust provides secure access to cloud-based services and helps organizations to ensure that access to these services is properly managed.
    4. Businesses that want to simplify their security model: Managing security can be complex, especially when dealing with multiple security solutions. Azure AD Zero Trust provides a unified security model that simplifies security management.

Implementation Agenda:

    • Define Strategy – Understand motivations, business needs and executive sponsorship
    • Plan – Discovery and assessment
    • Ready – Operating model, implementation options
    • Adopt – Migrate execution
    • Govern – Business risks, policy & compliance
    • Manage – Operations maturity

RSM’s insights and portfolio of services reflect more than 30 years of technology consulting, implementation and monitoring experience. We work hard to understand your specific technology needs and provide the services to help you develop a customized, cost-effective solution.

*Pricing will vary based on implementation scope and available Microsoft funding.

*Duration will vary based on implementation scope.

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