Azure Active Directory Migration: 3-Wk Assessment

iC Consult Gesellschaft für Systemintegration und Kommunikation mbH

This offer is ideal for customers that want to consolidate grown Identity and Access Management/MFA solutions to reach a best of breed approach for Azure AD infrastructure and Azure AD principles.

Azure AD is an integral part of any Azure tenant setup. The initial setup barrier to use Azure AD is low and AADC helps to setup provisioning accounts to Azure AD quickly. But once Azure AD is setup, you might be interested to learn how to maximize the benefit for your organization:

  • You might have existing 3rd party Access Management solutions / Identity Providers in place with probably lots of integrated applications
  • You might have other 3rd party MFA solutions and a VPN solution in place
  • You might have third party user stores in place
  • You might now run 2 worlds in parallel: A fresh AAD-centered Microsoft365 application world with guest processes in addition to a custom web portal based on a 3rd party B2B account solution.

All those topics will have overlapping identity and account management aspects and processes that you might want to further align and consolidate, to maximize business use and avoid unnecessary operation costs.

The service delivered by the offering is available in the languages English and German.

This offering provides you with an assessment, to

  • assess your 3rd party IAM environment and processes
  • determine the best applicability of the Azure AD features
  • provide you with a sorted baseline for cost, timing, dos, and don’ts
  • point out where custom implementations are advised or not advised
  • successfully consolidate your grown complex IAM infrastructure and processes to a simpler and AAD-aware base
  • fully integrate your AAD IAM into your existing landscape
  • accelerate the Zero Trust Adaption

With this, we want to make sure, you can make best use of the Azure AD features, to achieve your goals.

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement.

Overview of the assessment

  • Align account provisioning and identity lifecycle
  • Align auditing aspects
  • Align B2B partner management and account concepts
  • Align group and application permission lifecycle processes
  • Account storage aspects
  • Migration or integration of existing 3rd party user stores + MFA solutions
  • Migration and integration aspects of existing customer portals and applications
  • Embrace modern AAD Zero Trust Features for your AAD world and integrated 3rd party IdPs
  • Overall IAM and Azure AD recommendations
  • Addressing open questions, concerns or issues regarding Azure AD B2C aspects.

On request, iC Consult is able to provide you with further support offers for implementation or managed service of Azure AD and Microsoft Entra solutions after the assessment phase.