Azure Migration 10 Week Implementation

Runibex Technology

The trusted partner you need at every stage of your cloud migration strategy and modernization journey

Let us walk through with you at every stage of your cloud migration strategy and modernization journey, with our guidance to help you move, manage, and secure all your workloads. Moving on to Azure, you'll be able to innovate in new ways by adopting a cloud operations-based model, or further you’ll be able to take advantage of further opportunities for innovation by modernizing with fully managed platform. We efficiently and easily move your on-premises Windows Server and supported Linux distributions and extend your VMware environments to Azure. You can either opt to migrate your SQL Server to Azure Virtual Machines or prefer a fully managed option like Azure SQL Database, both of which we provide end-to-end delivery and managed services. Our services also cover your migration and modernisation needs for MySQL and PostgreSQL to fully managed Azure services. Get minimal downtime and built-in HA, monitoring, and security by simply moving to Azure. Cloud migration and modernization is a continuous process with opportunities for innovation and flexibility at every stage. Many organizations begin with an IaaS migration of their workloads to take advantage of cloud benefits right away, while others begin with PaaS offerings to increase agility and developer productivity. No matter which approaches you begin with, you’ll be able to start innovating in new ways right away, and you can always adopt new IaaS or PaaS capabilities anytime.