Data for Sustainability - Measure: 10 Weeks Implementation


By combining carbon expertise, technological excellence and business experience, Saegus is a partner of choice to help you industrialize emissions calculation and monitoring using Microsoft Azure.

Our measure pack is designed to help you collect in an automatised way the internal data and emissions factors that will be needed to measure your activities emissions. Once that those data are collected in your Azure data storage they are processed using unique azure capabilites in order to feed the brand new Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

At the end of this measure phase, the following deliverables are produced :

  • Data pipelines to gather, process and expose the internal data and emissions factors needed characterisation of activities,
  • Microsoft Sustainability Manager dashboards to measure your emissions using the internal data gathered,
  • Data governance recommendations in ensure the functioning of the product and the quality of the measurement that can be implemented through Azure Purview.