Data for Sustainability - Scope:4 Weeks Workshop


By combining carbon expertise, technological excellence and business experience, Saegus is a partner of choice to help you industrialize emissions calculation and monitoring using Microsoft Azure.

The goal of this scoping phase is to prepare the implementation of a Data Sustainability project in the Microsoft Sustainabilty manager : explore the data available in your Azure Data Factory or Data Lake, imagine the customised Power Bi reportings that you want to build for your teams or imagine the added value of the Azure ML capabilitiesto enhance your emissions measurement.

Week 1 : Project initiation

Day 1 : Global project scoping, stakeholders identification, project team building. Days 2 & 3 : Preparation of the emitting activities focus phase with ESG teams & carbon experts Days 4 & 5 : Preparation of the data focus phase with IT / data teams and our tech experts.

Week 2 : Emitting activities focus

Day 1 : Introduction workshop to build a macro level mapping of all the company activities Days 2 & 3 : Identification and association of the emission factors related to the emitting activities. Days 4 & 5 : Prioritization of activities to be addressed and identification of related stakeholders.

Week 3 : Data focus

Day 1 : Identification of the data sources related to activities prioritized in week #2. Days 2 & 3 : Data gathering and analysis, workshops with applications owners for data deep dive. Days 4 & 5 : Joint workshops between data teams and ESG teams to evaluate data quality.

Week 4 : Recommendations

Day 1 : Cross-analysis of the emitting activities and data mapping to build a global overview Day 2 : Construction of a project roadmap to anticipate the measurement phase. Day 3 : Formalization of the work done and construction of the implementation backlog.

Final restitution