Data Governance: 3-Months Proof of concept Data Catalog


Establish a pragmatic data governance approach by firstly implementing a catalog on an agile methodology that allows to deliver value’s increments frequently on most valuable use cases.

Our conviction is that the data catalog or taxonomy lays the foundation for data governance. The knowledge and control of the heritage makes it possible to initiate the organization, process, quality and deployment of data literacy.

Saegus provides its expertise in deploying Azure Purview while confronting it to practical considerations on the security, legal, technological & functional aspects.

Tangible Benefits A centralized data inventory to value the companies' data assets and initiate a global data governance approach: •Automate data discovery, lineage identification, and data classification with Azure Purview. •Capitalize on business knowledge in the business term glossary to provide a technical and functional understanding of the data asset. •Access Azure Purview’s powerful insight features to control your sensitive data and prioritize data management activities •Onboard the stakeholders on the approach by prioritizing high value use cases in order to spread data culture across the organization and prepare the collaborators for their future role in the data organization. •Support the deployment of data governance pillars : organization, processes, tools and data policies

Outputs of this phase:
Framing •1 workshops synthesis on identified use cases •1 ppt Presentation of the approach and collaborators workload •Estimated & prioritized backlog

Data Catalog Init •1 complete data catalog (business glossary + technical dictionary + uses)

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