Azure Configuration and Security: 3-Wk Assessment

Satalyst Pty Ltd

Security and configuration assessment of Azure deployment. Aligned with best practice for securing Azure and includes detailed and actionable next steps for remediation and security uplift.

Relying on the default setup configurations of Azure will make your cloud environment an easy target for cyber criminals.

It is not uncommon for the default configuration settings to have been used when setting Azure environments up. Configuration for functionality tends to be prioritised over security, and this creates a significant security problem. An Azure environment that has been set up incorrectly, uses unsecure default settings, or has had significant changes made to it since deployment, will have security vulnerabilities. Above all, a vulnerable cloud environment will put your organisation at increased risk of cyber attack.

Satalyst’s Microsoft certified Azure cloud and security experts will conduct a comprehensive Azure security review of your deployment. We will benchmark your Azure environment against Microsoft and industry best practice for securing Microsoft Azure.

The Azure security review will identify vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations, settings that are not secure, or bad practices.

The Azure Security Review will investigate configurations and settings in the following control areas:

  • Network Security
  • Identity Management
  • Privileged Access
  • Data protection
  • Asset Management
  • Database Services
  • Logging and Threat Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Posture and Vulnerability Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Governance and Strategy

The Agenda/Milestones for the 3 week project

  1. Kick-off and Project Governance
  2. Customer Workshop
  3. Access and Authorisation
  4. Audit and Monitoring
  5. Summary of Findings
  6. Presentation of Findings
  7. Recommended Remediation Review
  8. Final Report Delivery

As a result, we will provide a comprehensive report with recommend actionable next steps including remediation and security controls that will allow you to quickly reduce the risk to your organisation.