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Data Estate Modernisation 5-Day Assessment

Satalyst Pty Ltd

The Satalyst 5 day Data Estate Modernisation Assessment will provide your business with a comprehensive Data Estate Modernisation guide .

Around 40 percent of the global databases installed run on Microsoft SQL Server with a majority still running on SQL Server 2008/R2 or older. To stay competitive and get ahead in today’s marketplace, organisations are continuously looking at ways to optimise how they maintain and use the data that fuels their operations. Modernising to the cloud as part of a digital transformation can deliver the right mix of operational efficiencies and business elements to drive continued growth.

During the Satalyst Data Estate Modernisation Assessement we will: 1. Assess your current Data environment 2. Document the current state and define a high level future state data platform environment. 3. Estimate future costs of the new environment

On completion we will deliver: A Data Estate Modernisation Guide including Data Migration Approach.