SAP on Azure - 2-Weeks Assessment

SAVIC Technologies Private Limited

Understanding the current landscape of a prospective client, his business goals and developing a target solution to deploy a SAP Business System on the Azure Cloud platform landscape.

The workshop will involve four phases - Plan, Design, Review and Suggestions to incorporate the best features and capabilities that SAP can offer on the Azure Cloud platform to achieve the client's business objectives. The following describes the topics being covered in detail:

  • Plan - Identify Scope and goals, Define Approach, time and activities, Define communications platform, Obtain prerequisite documents
  • Design - Understand the current system, Evaluate SAP Application, OS/system requirement, 3rd party app, Any other requirements and dependencies
  • Review - Based on information collected, perform a detailed review
  • Suggestion - Propose architecture, Cost estimate, Approach to migration and implementation This service is part of the SAP on Azure Business Consulting suite being offered to prospective clients who want to experience the advantages of moving to SAP on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.