Azure Cost Optimization Managed Services: Ongoing Activity

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Empower your Azure journey with precise insights for continuous cost control and waste reduction.

Azure Cost Optimization Managed Services : Ongoing

Empower your Azure journey with precise insights for continuous cost control and waste reduction.


Saxon AI's Azure Cost Optimization Managed Services provide continuous insights into Azure infrastructure for cost control and waste reduction. Empowering customers with detailed Azure estate insights, it enables proactive cost management and optimization. Saxon AI ensures operational excellence by continuously tuning, managing, and automating cloud assets for efficiency and cost optimization.

Our Value Proposition

  • Continuous Cost Oversight and Proactive Cost-Saving Strategies
  • Budget Precision and Cost Forecasting
  • Performance-Driven Efficiency and Transparent Reporting
  • Cloud Financial Governance and Cost Allocation
  • Customer Support and Collaboration
  • Best Practices Benchmarking

As part of Customer Support & Incident Response

We offer business hours support for Azure cost monitoring, optimization, and anomaly detection.

This service is essential for upholding client trust and ensuring seamless operations. Clients can rely on prompt and effective issue resolution, minimizing disruptions to their business activities.

  1. Business Hours Remote Support
  2. Emergency Support on critical issues
  3. Health and Performance Monitoring
  4. Capacity Planning and Cost Optimization
  5. Cloud Change Management
  6. Break-fix Support
  7. Monthly Health Reporting

SLAs for response & resolution times

In Azure Managed Services, it's crucial to set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for response and resolution times. These SLAs ensure that your clients receive timely and efficient support.

Severity Level Response time
Critical P1 1 Hr
High P2 2 Hrs
Medium P3 4 Hrs
Low P4 8 Hrs
Change Request CR 16 to 24 Hrs

We can offer Billing Optimization Services customized to the customer's needs, categorized into Standard, Premium, and Enterprise support tiers, with SLAs adjusted accordingly.

Handle incidents promptly & communicate effectively with clients

Handling incidents promptly and effectively communicating with clients is crucial for maintaining trust and ensuring smooth operations. Here are the key activities for incident management.

  1. Incident Triage
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Root Cause Analysis
  4. Workarounds and Mitigation
  5. Resolution and Follow-Up
  6. Client Satisfaction and Feedback
Severity Impact
Critical If the actual cost exceeds the forecasted cost by more than 10%, or if an anomaly is detected
High If the actual cost has increased by more than 5 to 10% compared to the forecasted cost, or if an anomaly is detected
Medium If the actual cost has increased by less than 5% compared to the forecasted cost
Low If fluctuations in costs are observed
Change Request If new services are introduced that might necessitate a redesign of the architecture from a cost perspective

Note : Terms, conditions, and pricing will vary based on the size and complexity of your Azure estate.

Why Partner with Saxon for Azure?

Saxon AI is a data and analytics company specializing in industry-specific solutions to make organizations more insights-driven. Trusted by global brands, we excel in Azure Cost Optimization and Managed Services, collaborating closely with Microsoft to ensure customer success through specialized services and market insights.


Ready to transform your business with ongoing Azure cost oversight? Tap into Saxon AI's expertise for Azure Cost Optimization Managed services. Reach out to to start your journey towards a more cost-efficient Azure environment.