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In the realm of data management, the shift towards cloud-based solutions is a testament to the evolving needs of businesses in the digital era. Migrating storage to Azure signifies a transformative step towards enhanced data accessibility, security, and efficiency. As Microsoft's flagship cloud platform, Azure provides a robust environment for your storage migration, offering features that cater to the diverse demands of modern data handling.

Why opt for Azure Storage Migration?

  • Increased scalability & Flexibility
  • High availability up to 99.9999%
  • Cost optimized offerings in cloud
  • Advanced Security
  • Global Reach
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Innovative Integration
  • Faster access to data

As part of Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Storage Migration, we consolidate best practices & offer right tools and guidance to shape technology and business strategies, driving desired outcomes in adoption efforts.

We follow phase wise approach where each methodology contributes to the cloud adoption lifecycle journey.

Phase wise approach:

Phase - I : Define Strategy

  • Define business justification
  • Establish migration goals
  • Assess customer's Environment
  • Prioritize Storage/workloads for migration
  • Plan for skills and training
  • Choose a Target Storage Service
  • Select the Migration methods
  • Identify risks and mitigation strategies
  • Develop a timeline
  • Engage stakeholders

Phase - II : Migration Planning

  • Prepare Landing zone for migration
  • Prepare tools and initial migration backlog
  • Select Azure regions for migration
  • Align roles and responsibilities
  • Incorporate skills readiness for migration

Phase - III : Getting Ready for Migration/Pre-Migration

  • Document naming and tagging standards
  • Use IaC modules
  • Filter the IaC registry
  • Deploy an enterprise-scale landing zone
  • Architect the storage solutions
  • Expand the landing zone with Storage services

Phase - IV : Cloud Adoption/Actual Migration

  • Classify Storage services & workloads
  • Evaluate workload/storage readiness
  • Deploy Storage & supporting solutions
  • Remediate & Replicate assets
  • Test the migration
  • Begin change communication
  • Conduct business testing
  • Complete the migration
  • Optimize costs after migration
  • Conduct retrospectives

Phase - V : Post Migration

  • Assess, Monitor & Release Storage Workloads
  • Fix issues as appropriate

Key Deliverables:Upon completion, you'll receive.

  • Storage Inventory Report
  • Migration summary report
  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • Security and Compliance Documentation
  • Migration Strategy
  • Storage Dependency Mapping
  • Testing and Validation Reports
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Plans
  • Cost Management Plan
  • Monitoring and Optimization Framework
  • Post-Migration Review

Successful storage migration involves thorough planning, testing, and collaboration between IT teams. The deliverables will help the client understand the outcomes of the migration, the benefits, and how to manage their new Azure environment effectively.

Why choose Saxon AI's Azure Migration?

Saxon AI excels in providing Azure cloud solutions, Smart AI applications, automation, digital and application innovation, modern work environments, and data analytics. We offer tailored solutions for various industries to enhance their data-driven decision-making capabilities. Our team of certified Azure professionals is adept at refining migration strategies.


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