BC Best Practices for Azure: 1-Day Workshop


Learn the underlying theories to build a resilient business continuity practice with. Then work through the application of those theories by leveraging Azure and Azure Marketplace partner solutions.

Business Continuity is achieved by following established practices for recognizing the needs of an organization, encouraging a culture focused on resiliency, analyzing and designing technical solutions to maximize uptime, implementing those solutions and then validating the results. The Azure platform compliments these Business Continuity practices and can be the foundation upon which you build a more robust infrastructure with.

This workshop will take you through six established best practices for developing a Business Continuity practice, and you will learn how to apply the power of the Azure platform to each practice. Whether you are transitioning to the cloud, developing a hybrid-IT infrastructure or will limit your cloud practice to backup and disaster recovery needs, this workshop will prepare you for the process of building a more resilient infrastructure with Azure.

Business Continuity Workshop for IT Professionals


  • Aligning Business Continuity Solutions to Azure Business Objectives
  • Building Business Continuity Into the Organization
  • Diagnosing the Business Continuity Needs of an Activity
  • Architecting Business Continuity Solutions
  • Implementing Business Continuity Solutions
  • Verifying Business Continuity Solutions
  • Current Business Continuity Technologies Overview

Note: Each lesson section will consist of a presentation, an exercise and Q&A.


  • 1-day workshop for learning and applying a Business Continuity framework to Azure infrastructure hosted by a CBCI (Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute) certified Business Continuity Solutions Architect
  • Each lesson section will consist of a presentation, an exercise and Q&A.


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