Public Cloud Connect: 3-Day Implementation


Public Cloud Connect provides a secure, high performance and reliable private network connection between our hosted private cloud and Azure.

The service is designed to take the complexity out of integrating your cloud platforms, with a single provider (SCC) managing the end-to-end connectivity.

Public Cloud Connect offers customers a private circuit from our UK data centres, enabling you to better connect your traditional hosted, private and public clouds with a connection that is sized to your individual needs.

Key benefits of SCC's Public Cloud Connect are:-

  • Fully managed end-to-end connectivity between your private and public clouds.​
  • Connects to all major hyperscale clouds.
  • Predictable fixed monthly costs rather than PAYG data transfer estimates​.
  • Flexible bursting to better manage your seasonal peaks.
  • High performance, reduced latency between your environments.
  • Greater control of your security with a private connection between clouds
  • Single provider across all services.