Cloud Readiness Assessment


SCC Cloud Readiness Assessment helps organisations answer the most challenging questions presented to them when embarking on their journey to Azure.

SCC Hyperscale's Cloud Readiness Assessment evaluates your organisation’s current IT infrastructure, applications, people and processes to determine their suitability for migration to Microsoft Azure and a cloud operating model.

Where a customer has existing IT infrastructure on premise and are preparing to move to the cloud, our Cloud Readiness Assessment helps them to create a clear business case to justify that requirement.

The assessment includes both technical and business requirements in addition to a review of any constraints or risks that might impact a migration.

The goal of a Cloud Readiness Assessment is to:

  • Identify any gaps or challenges that need to be addressed before any organisation can successfully move to Microsoft Azure cloud services
  • Develop a plan for addressing those potential gaps/challenges.
  • For customers that are already in Microsoft Azure we have the Cloud Health Assessment, this engagmeent identifies opportunities to optimise, innovate and enhance your Microsoft Azure cloud services.