SAP on Azure: 3 Days Solution Assessment

Scheer Group

During our three days assessment we will work with you to clarify your individual needs and requirements for SAP on Azure, and thereby identify features specifically beneficial to your company!

Experience Azure as a platform for your SAP systems together with Scheer! We will assist you to take full advantage of cloud solutions in relation to your SAP systems "Azure meets SAP – Expanding Possibilities"- That is our mission.

You would like to transform the operation of your SAP landscape, but you don’t know where you stand at present and how you should start?

The challenge is to create a tailored concept for the company-specific requirements and at the same time meet the manufacturer's requirements of SAP, such as certifications and Performance KPIs. Especially considering performance, availability and the corresponding DR scenarios, there is a variety of solution architectures that build on the services provided by Azure. The journey into the cloud should not be seen here as a "means to an end". Rather, there is the possibility of combining technical adjustments with a change of the operating model. Use this opportunity to rethink old concepts and renew your systems! We will show you how both Azure and SAP services can give you advantages in this context.


  • Analysis of your current SAP system architecture and the underlying infrastructure
  • Identify the challenges of your system landscape in terms of high availability, disaster recovery, performance, etc.
  • Determination of your current position within the SAP roadmap


  • Explanation of the fundamentals for employing Azure as a platform for SAP systems
  • Identification of the specific benefits of SAP operation in the Azure cloud
  • Presentation of different architectural approaches
  • Developing scenarios for Cloud migration


  • SAP on Azure architecture recommendation
  • Price indication for project and operation
  • Planning the further procedure and starting your journey to the cloud