Azure (IaaS), Microsoft 365 (SaaS), Hybrid - Managed SAM Services: 6-Months Implementation


All-in Managed Software Asset Management (SAM) Services Implementation. Manage the Consumption & Compliance of your Software Assets - no matter if Azure (IaaS), Microsoft 365 (SaaS) or Hybrid.

Managed Software Asset Management (SAM) Services by SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT

...are an all-inclusive service package run by established Software Licensing Experts. It transparently manages your entire software portfolio, saving you money and time, and ensuring the best possible software licensing and compliance at all times.

SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT is your primary source for online services, software licenses, and their management. As the no. 1 Microsoft Licensing Partner in Luxembourg, we support large multinational corporations and medium sized companies from all sectors in Europe and all over the world. With our detailed simulations for alternative licensing models, license consolidation and total cost savings, we guarantee the best licensing solution for you. Our certified Azure experts enable you to make the best use of an optimized Microsoft Azure environment and provide you with combined insights in your software usage and online services consumption of Microsoft products and other software vendors.

Managed SAM Services are separated in two (2) parts: the Implementation and the Ongoing Service.

The Implementation includes everything to get you up and running from a technical point of view. A certified Project Manager sets up the data platform installing License Management and Discovery, and adding up to 6 additional data sources.

This price-fixed Implementation package takes between 3 and 6 months and consists of the following components:

• Provisioning of the Data Platform

• Integration of up to 6 data sources

• Scanning agents roll-out support

• Org-Structure implementation

• Role Based Access set-up

• End-user training

The Ongoing Service is the all-inclusive transparent management of your software portfolio run by our well-established and reliable SAM Experts. Ongoing Service is available after the implementation is finished.

It ensures, that you get the correct licenses, through the right program at the lowest cost tailored and managed for you - no matter if Azure (IaaS), Microsoft 365 (SaaS), On-premises or any other software.

This individually priced Ongoing Service package typically has a three years term and includes the following components:

• Hosting and maintaining of Data Platform

• User management

• End-user self-service portal access

• On-boarding of all software vendors in use

• License and contract updates

• Contract lifecycle management

• Data integrity validation

• Daily updated Established Deployment Positions & Effective License Positions

• Overspend and re-harvesting analysis

• Compliance analysis and reporting

• Regular consultancy meetings

• Software budget planning support

• Audit support

• Complete software portfolio management and optimization



• Receive all-inclusive managed services including hosting and maintenance of the data platform with predictable budgeting.

• Increase productivity by focusing your staff on their core tasks.

• Reduce software spending by cutting unused software and online services.

• Optimize your license portfolio and enable the re-assignment of licenses to avoid overspending.

• Uncover redundant services from different vendors with our cross-vendor analysis.


• Avoid building up internal resources and license know how.

• Benefit from our always up-to-date expert knowledge.

• Use our readily available Managed SAM Services to save valuable time.

• Rely on consistent management.

• Maximize your IT responsiveness and end-user productivity.


• Gain full transparency and control through continuous validation of your inventory and entitlement accuracy for all your software vendors.

• Get a solid basis for operational and strategic decisions based on valid data, powerful reports, and dashboards.

• Limit your legal risk of software and online services usages and stay relaxed in your next audit.

Make the most of your software now!

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