Predictive Data Model MVP (3 weeks implementation)

Scigility Inc.

Consulting Services to implement a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for predictive analytics and process automation based on historical data

We will demonstrate in a MVP how you can implement a Predictive Data Model solutions on Azure.

The offering includes three weeks of remote or on-prem consulting and implementation services for a Predictive Data Model MVP on Azure with the Scigility solution framework. This MVP is useful for customers to improve on actuality and accuracy and further automation of forecasting and planning. Inaccurate forecasting often leads companies to decisions not taken based on the real current situation and can lead to huge internal manual efforts or impacts like out of stock problematics, contract penalties in B2B or liquidity shortage. Forecasting can be highly automated and organizational and technological aspects are solved by using the Predictive Data Model (PDM) on Azure. The PDM used data history over x-tausend frozen datasets and allows therefore an accurate forecasting in complex business sectors and a visualisation of the most important KPIs.

By the end of the MVP, we should provide the following deliverables

  • PDM Azure architecture for customer project
  • PDM Azure MVP implementation for defined forecast and planning requirements

Due to variables such as the size and complexity of your environment more than three week of work may be needed at additional costs.