WS Azure Machine Learning & AI Development: 1-day Workshop

celver AG

This workshop will introduce you to Machine Learning & AI in Microsoft Azure to give you a basic understanding of how to implement solutions. 

Azure: Machine Learning & AI Development: 
1-day Workshop

This workshop will be an introduction to Machine Learning & AI in 
Microsoft Azure. The focus will be on giving you a basic understanding of
those areas and showing you how to start implementing solutions.

Lots of users are still unsure of machine learning and artificial intelligence, let alone all the 
possibilities coming with it. This workshop will give you a basic understanding of machine 
learning and artificial intelligence and how to use them in Microsoft Azure. We will show you how 
to efficiently implement intelligent solutions, starting from taking your first steps, to a more
complex system architecture.

This workshop is aimed at any user interested in learning more about the possibilities of machine 
learning and AI, specifically in Azure Services.

Agenda: (The below agenda can be ammended and customized according
to your specific needs)

• What is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
• Microsoft Azure: Machine Learning and AI Services
• Hands-on training

Terms & Conditions:
• Duration: 1-Day
• Location: virtual via Microsoft Teams
• Number of participants:
• Trainer: 2 expert
• Cost: 1550 € per day (Net price plus statutory VAT, includes electronic 
delivery of training materials)