Azure Data Platform - 4 Wk - Custom Assessment

SDK Tek Services Ltd.

An Azure Data Platform can be daunting given the multitude of tools available. Let SDK work with your company to design a Azure data platform that meets your current and future analytic needs

An Azure data platform accelerates past traditional structured data analytics enabling the capabilities of semi-structured, streaming and advanced analytics

The key benefits of an Azure data platform are:

  • Scalable Infrastructure - Only pay for what you currently need and scale up or down dynamically
  • Scalable Solution - Build for today's need and extend (or retire) the solution dynamically as business and analytical needs evolve
  • Always Current - Cloud platforms are constantly evolving and new features / solutions are available when you're ready
  • Security and Compliance - Cloud platforms are very secure and aggressively monitored and meet most industry standards for compliance
Getting the most out of an Azure data platform requires aligning your technical and functional requirements to right combination of tools and processes. SDK's approach is to work closely with our clients to determine their data analytical requirements today and into the foreseeable future. SDK looks at all facets of your requirements, including
  • Data & advanced analytics
  • Consumption patterns
  • Security
  • Resource skillsets
Based on these requirements, SDK determines the best fit Azure data architecture (data warehouse, lakehouse, hybrid) and then designs an Azure data platform built on a strong foundation of best practices while leveraging SDK Accelerators .

The custom assessment engages users from the C level to analysts to identify their current pain points and their vision for the future. SDK then matches your requirements to the appropriate architecture and technologies, including Azure Synapse and Data Lake. The final deliverable addresses the following:
  • Proposed Azure data architecture
  • Phased implementation plan
  • Quick wins
  • Resource enablement
  • Security
SDK takes greats pride in becoming a trusted advisor to our clients. Let's start building this relationship today!