Data Analytics on Azure: 2-h Briefing


Overview, practical demonstration and guidelines for using Data Analytics Services on Azure

As your technology partner, SDX facilitates the realization of complex Data Analytics projects (e.g. IoT, Predictive Analytics/Maintenance, Big Data) - on-premises and on Azure.
As part of our effort, we offer briefing sessions (Technical Councils) demonstrating the effective use of Azure Data Analytics services in typical Big Data, Predictive Maintenance and Predictive Analytics scenarios.

The session is aimed at customers with general or specific interest in using Azure for Data Analytics - in cloud-only or hybrid settings. It enables you to gain a good understanding of existing services and make informed choices. We begin with an introduction of Data Analytics and Machine Learning practices, followed by a practical demonstration of selected use cases on Azure, and conclude with recommendations and best practices.


  • (Big) Data: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Data Analytics: Data Science and Data Engineering
  • Architecture: Control your Data (Batch and Real-Time Processing)
  • Hosted on Azure: Microsoft and Open Source Services powered by Azure
  • Practical Demonstration of Selected Use Cases:
    • Scalable IoT Streaming (Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Cosmos DB, and Functions)
    • Automatic Analysis of Unstructured Data (Azure Data Lake, U-SQL, Data Factory, and Functions)
    • Gaining Insights with Machine Learning (Azure Machine Learning, Databricks, ML.NET, and Python)
    • Predictive Anaytics of Market Trends Based on Twitter Data (Azure Databricks)
  • Summary: Key Take-aways and Recommendations

Both agenda and use cases can be tailored to your specific needs and interests. If you are interested in this offer, please see attached documents for additional information and do not hesitate to contact us!