SAP on Azure: 8-Wk Proof of Concept

SE16N sp. z o.o.

SAP on Azure - Proof of Concept projects. We would like to offer you preparation of business case and a pilot project in line with your expectations. Please check our proposition.

Proof of Concept - Migration SAP to Azure. We would like to offer you several scenarios for pilot project:

  1. Moving DEV/TST landscape to Azure
  2. Prepare temporary SAP landscape for upgrade project
  3. Build new SAP system landscape on Azure
  4. Build SAP DR solution on Azure
  5. Build SAP backup solution on Azure
  6. Prepare devops automation for SAP on Azure (start/stop, auto scaling, sap installation, system copy or backup verification)
  7. Build secure environment for SAP on Azure - internet access scenarios

Please contact us if you are interested in the above scenarios or if you want to make a proof of concept project with SAP on Azure

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