Azure Security and Identity Assessment: 1 week

SecureCom Ltd

1 week security assessment of Azure resources, tenancy and identity management on Azure.

Leveraging from both built-in Azure intelligence and SecureCom cloud security IP and expertise, we provide recommendations to help organisations protect their infrastructure, data and applications. The key outcome of the assessment is to harden the customer's security posture and ensure a safe and robust environment with the correct controls in-place.

Included in the 1-week assessment, SecureCom will review the following aspects of the customer's environment:

Azure Resources

  • Outline key security gaps in the tenant
  • Review existing security policies
  • High level analysis of IaaS networks
  • A deep dive analysis on the security configuration of individual PaaS resources
  • Review backup and data recovery configurations

Identity and Access Management

  • Highlight existing high-risk users and associated roles
  • Coordinate with customers to define user operational requirements
  • Define pathway to achieve least privilege access control

Assessment Output

  • List of actionable steps and roadmaps to remediate highlighted security issues
  • RACI matrix on current user access and gateway into implementing Privileged Identity Management (PIM)
  • Future steps to integrate with Azure's SIEM and SOAR solution - Azure Sentinel

Consultation period and price may vary depending on the size and complexity of the customer tenant, internal applications, processes and availability of resources during the assessment.