SecWise OT Protect (XDR): Microsoft Defender for IoT activation


Set-up Defender for IoT jump-start configuration based on our OT security monitoring best-practice configuration

During our Defender for IoT activation we implement Defender for IoT in one OT environment. We discuss the different configuration options with you and map these to our pre-defined & best-practice jump-start configuration for Azure Defender for IoT. By choosing the jump-start configuration, we can accelerate the implementation track of this security tooling and offer immediate added value by activating advanced threat protection features, asset inventory and vulnerability management.

Agenda: Day 1: - Discuss the current 'AS IS' OT set-up and define success criteria - Discuss Azure Defender for IoT features Day 2- 3: Configure Defender for IoT (virtual sensor) in one OT site

The tooling will monitor during 3 weeks the OT environment and gather the data.

Day 4: Analyse gathered data and assets Day 5: Debrief meeting with the customer to present the results mapped against the success criteria

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Contact us for a personalized offer.