Azure Data Platform Jumpstart: 2-Wk PoC


Support data growth and drive innovation with a move to Microsoft’s Azure Data Platform.

Microsoft SQL Server has become an essential platform for many organizations. As businesses grow, data and the resulting SQL Server deployments multiply, driven by project and application delivery. IT Managers find themselves responsible for large, diverse estates with increased complexity, risk, and operational costs, making it hard to find the best path to cloud adoption.

SEEPATH assists organizations who wish to take a strategic approach to data platform modernization, moving from legacy systems to those which better support the needs of modern business users. Concerns like application dependencies, picking the correct deployment model and the cost implications of running in Azure can complicate decision making, whilst businesses also want to take advantage of benefits such as scalability, advanced analytics, and AI capabilities when they move to the cloud.

Our Azure Data Platform Jumpstart helps kick off modernization programs. After an initial planning workshop, SEEPATH will work with you to identify a candidate data solution to move into the cloud, recommending the best migration approach and delivering a pilot without impacting existing applications. The outcomes of this project then feed into your business case for a broader cloud data strategy.

SEEPATH's Approach The Azure Data Platform Jumpstart will:

  1. Establish objectives, requirements, and constraints
  2. Identify a candidate workload to move to Azure
  3. Design and model your candidate workload in Microsoft Azure
  4. Deliver the pilot data platform migration to Azure
  5. Support infrastructure, application, or development teams during testing
  6. Deliver a presentation summarizing the outcomes, lessons learnt and next steps