Azure IaaS Proof of Concept: 3-Day Engagement


Looking to test how your workloads work in public cloud and start leveraging the benefits of an elastic cloud compute model?

We have undertaken multiple cloud migration projects and helped organizations to move and manage their applications onto the Microsoft Azure platform. This 3 day POC is an excellent starting point for organizations that are at the start of their cloud adoption journey.

Working alongside you, we help you navigate the Azure portal so you know where to go and what tools to use. Within the POC we will:

  1. Spend time understanding the business objectives and cloud adoption rationale.
  2. Setup your subscription and tenant.
  3. Walk you through the Azure Portal.
  4. Migrate test workloads using Azure Site Recovery.
  5. Showcase the reporting and optimization tools.
  6. Create a cloud adoption plan which accommodates future workload migrations to cloud.