SEIDOR Azure Services: Implementation


Consider Azure as your cloud solution to make your business more profitable and competitive. Get cost optimization to deploy disruptive solutions securely.

We guarantee that the strategic planning regarding the deployment process of Microsoft Azure services is carried out in a satisfactory way, obtaining better ratios at business level and an objective ROI.

  • Business continuity of systems and applications.
  • Optimization of systems and applications security.
  • Advanced investigation of cyber threats and monitoring of systems and applications (OnPremise and Cloud).
  • Increased quality, consistency and accuracy of the data handled by a company, resulting in better decision making by its management team.
  • Global management of the transformation of the Datacenter to a cloud or hybrid model based on Azure.
  • Overall management of SAP's transformation to Azure
  • Secure desktop and application delivery from any device and any location
  • Application modernization
  • End-to-end solution administration and governance
  • Administrative, consumption and security alert management
  • Technology adoption and training plan