Windows Virtual Desktop: 2-Weeks Implementation


Seidor WVD Windows Virtual Desktop VDI as a Service on Azure

Guarantee the continuity of your business with a solution which facilitates employee mobility In Seidor we will provide you with the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution in the cloud, the only virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that offers simplified administration, with Windows 10 multisession and optimizations of Microsoft 365 applications for companies. Creating or transforming your virtual desktop platform has never been easier. The main advantages with Windows Virtual Desktop when compared to classic VDI solutions are: • Desktops with Windows 10 in multisession and scale sets. • Access anywhere at any time. • Safe environment. • No hardware costs. In pay-per-use mode or with a reservation commitment to save costs. • Simplified administration. Services managed by Microsoft: Brokering, Licensing, Web Access, Load Balancing, Network, Servers, Storage and Hosting. Seidor will offer you a personalized service, which is based on your use cases. Seidor offers a team of specialists in Windows Virtual desktops: In just two weeks we will develop a pilot which will adhere to your needs. By following the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure methodology, Seidor will develop: • A defined strategy. • A plan aligned with the organization. • Preparation of the environment in Azure taking into account scalability, security, governance, networks and identity. • Cloud Adoption.

What is the use case of your business? We will analyse your current way of working and the needs of your business, in order to create a flexible and secure solution. We will indicate the most used use cases and will design your desktop solution in Azure, from personal virtual desktops to the option of desktop sharing between different workers. Based on the above conclusions, we will implement the adequate solution by doing the following: • Keep identities in sync with your environment. • Deploy the host pool with the virtual desktop solution that best suits the needs of your business. • Upload