Knowledge Mining: 2-month PoC

SEMANTIVE sp. z o. o.

Find and understand the covert value in raw data and get your business to thrive. Azure AI makes images, videos, audio and documents searchable on scale, fast and for any user or application.

Knowledge mining combines AI services and data mining algorithms to drive content understanding over large amounts of structured and unstructured information. Understand your information, explore it, uncover insights, find relationships and patterns on a scale. Reduce time to find relevant information by first line workers, minimize the burden of manual search for specific document, presentation or a report with rich metadata search capabilities powered by Cognitive services across all your data and business units.

About the service:
Solves problems for any organization affected by large amounts of data or their unstructured formats (find data formats in additional materials)
Azure built-in services and AI models decrease time to adoption
Built-in services can be customized for your use case
Our AI Team creates custom solutions for your use cases and if needed, improve them for new requirements over time
Enterprise level data access and security managed in one place with Azure Active Directory
Make documents, presentations and other unstructured information searchable and accessible
Automate business rules, workflows and more to streamline insights

Unstructured data used for knowledge management, routine business processes and workflows, business performance analysis, to find patterns and trends, project outcomes, for end-customer experiences, auditing and compliance. Let’s talk about your use case.

What is included in PoC:

  1. Business Discovery Workshop to define your business case
  2. Deployment of Semantive Insights Platform with sample of your data
  3. Solution configuration and development of customizations (up to 3 cognitive skills) to meet specific business needs
  4. Train and test - implementation workshop and feedback session
  5. Solution deployment and final adjustments
  6. Revision and roadmap for further expansion