Azure Migration: 7-Day Assessment


Get an overview of your entire infrastructure environment including dependencies and performance. We provide recommended model of operations, securing a seamless migration and avoiding excess costs.

Guiding Your Business through A Successful Transformation

Assessing existing infrastructure is a crucial step in planning your move to the cloud. Minimal-impact assessment and visualisation of your entire infrastructure environment, including dependencies, performance assessment and security policy creation are all part of our assessment services, ensuring cloud resource right- sizing and a seamless migration to Azure.

Cloud Infrastructure Assessment

We map and visualise every corner of your IT environment including dependencies, automatically. Performance and utilisation are assessed to adjust your resources in the cloud. Finally, a recommended model of operations and concrete TCO is provided for a seamless migration avoiding unnecessary issues and costs.

  • Automatic environment mapping and assessment
  • Cloud resource right-sizing
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Recommendation of operational model

Disaster Recovery Assessment

Our team will identify potential problems which could impact data centre operations, in order to create the most effective disaster recovery plan for your organisation.

  • DR strategy and procedure mapping
  • Plans in place to help return IT operations to normal

Security Risk Assessment

With cybercrime increasingly on the rise, security policies are a must. Sentia Denmark's team will assess any potential threats to your architecture and recommend means of mitigating the risks, so your business remains secure at all times.

  • Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Analytics

Sentia Denmark's team of experts help you secure the right migration and sound business transformation.


The average 7-day assessment proceeds as follows:

  • Day 1, Workshop and assessment configuration
  • Day 2-7, Assessment
  • Day 7, Reporting of findings
  • Day 8, Consulting and next steps

Should you chose to migrate with Sentia Denmark following the assessment - the assessment costs will be deducted.