Darktrace Consultation

Sentinel Technologies Inc.

To provide a consultation for customers to see how they are positioned cyber security wise using Darktrace.

As cyber attacks continue to grow in sophistication, you should be concerned about when (not if) you will be compromised. The common hacker playbook is to leverage stolen credentials, usually provided by an unknowing user, followed by the deployment of malware and lateral movement through your systems. During this compromise, it is common for the bad actor to steal or encrypt data while holding your critical systems hostage with ransomware. To address these pressing concerns, your organization requires a sophisticated and innovative managed security services solution tailored to the Azure environment. Darktrace and Fortis offer precisely that by providing the expertise and tools needed to detect and contain threats before they escalate. They can help you secure and maintain your Azure environment, proactively defending against unauthorized access and potential ransomware attacks.

By partnering with Darktrace and Fortis within your Azure ecosystem, you can enhance your cybersecurity posture, ensuring the integrity and security of your data and critical systems. Don't wait for a security breach to occur; take proactive steps to protect your Microsoft Azure environment against the ever-growing threat landscape.