Azure Landing Zone - Base: 1-Week Implementation

Sentinel Technologies Inc.

Sentinel will design and implementation of basic connectivity strategy for Azure.

Sentinel Technologies Inc. offers a comprehensive Azure Professional Service aimed at providing a solid connectivity strategy and implementation for Azure environments. This service includes designing and implementing basic architecture and connectivity strategies for both cloud native and hybrid environments. Key features of this service: • Connectivity and Access Control Strategy: We will develop a robust strategy for connectivity and access control, ensuring seamless integration between your Azure resources and the required infrastructure. • Standard Internet Connectivity: We will set up standard internet connectivity for your Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) resources by configuring Virtual Networks (VNets) and VPN Gateways. Implementation of Connectivity: • Up to 3 VNets: We will configure up to three Virtual Networks to meet your specific requirements. • Up to 9 Subnets: We will define and implement up to nine subnets within the Virtual Networks, allowing for efficient network segmentation. • Up to 2 VPN Gateways: We will deploy and configure up to two VPN Gateways to establish secure connections between your Azure environment and on-premises networks. • Up to 5 Network Security Groups (NSGs): We will create and configure up to five Network Security Groups to enforce security policies and control traffic within the Virtual Networks. Implementation of Access Control: • Up to 2 Custom Roles: We will design and set up custom roles to grant specific permissions and access levels based on your organization's requirements. • Up to 5 Azure AD Cloud Users: We will create up to five Azure AD Cloud Users, enabling secure authentication and access management. • Up to 2 Azure AD Cloud Groups: We will establish up to two Azure AD Cloud Groups, facilitating efficient user management and access control.

With our Azure Landing Zone - Base: 1-Week Implementation, you can ensure a secure and well-connected Azure environment, tailored to your organization's needs.