Zero Trust Security

Sentinel Technologies Inc.

76% of organizations have experienced a ransomware attack at some point in the last two years - State of the Phish Report 2023

Achieving true Zero Trust is a challenging but worthwhile journey to protect your organization Azure enviroment and its users. The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) outlines a five (5) pillar model that, when perfected, enables organizations to reach the optimal maturity level for Zero Trust. This model serves as a baseline for Sentinel's Zero Trust 2.0 Workshop, which offers in-depth analysis and direct mapping to your unique business goals and outcomes for your Azure environment. Benefits to Azure: Expert recommendations to improve the alignment of Zero Trust with your business practices and goals • Address current and future challenges along your Zero Trust journey • Learn more about the steps required to achieve optimal Zero Trust • Assessment results presented with a risk score and current level of Zero Trust maturity