Azure AI Realisation 1-Day Workshop


The AI Realisation Workshop empowers organisations to harness the potential of AI in Microsoft Azure, align AI initiatives with ethical guidelines, and develop a roadmap success.

What is an AI Realisation workshop?

The AI Realisation Workshop is a comprehensive one-day program designed to empower customers with the knowledge and tools available in Microsoft Azure's AI ecosystem. The workshop brings together AI experts and the customer's stakeholders to explore the potential of AI technologies within your organisation. The day begins by introducing participants to the various AI tools and services offered in Microsoft Azure, allowing them to gain a solid understanding of the capabilities and applications.

The workshop goes beyond technical aspects and delves into the ethical considerations of AI implementation. Participants engage in thoughtful discussions on the responsible use of AI, ensuring that any AI strategies align with ethical guidelines and data privacy regulations. Moreover, the workshop aims to identify specific opportunities where AI can create meaningful impact and deliver business value within the organisation.

Following on from the end of the AI Realisation Workshop, our experts prepare a well-defined AI strategy tailored to your unique needs and goals. They gain confidence in leveraging Microsoft Azure's AI tools effectively and responsibly, setting them on a path to unlock the full potential of AI in your organisation, ultimately driving innovation and efficiency in your operations.


  • Familiarisation with tooling
  • Awareness of ethics and compliance
  • Tailored AI strategy
  • Competitive advantage
  • Empowered workforce

Workshop agenda

Following from introductions, we first look at the ethics and compliance of artificial intelligence. This helps provide grounded thinking for the rest of the workshop. Next, we look at the tools within the Microsoft Azure AI ecosystem, this will help attendees understand the possibilities of AI within Microsoft Azure.

Then, the rest of the workshop is about understand what is driving the organisation towards AI, what goals the organisation has, and what solutions they are looking to leverage from AI. We wrap up at the end of the day by replaying some of the key points from the day, this helps us build a strategy document for you, and provide you with guidance along the way.

Engagement through discussion

We aim to approach the workshop through discussion, providing examples of what we have seen that works well, and why a specific approach may not be best for your organisation. We also look to include all members of the team and discuss different approaches to capture a rounded view of your organisation.


Following on from the workshop, our experts will prepare a strategy paper considering the goals of your organisation and the steps that need to happen along with any recommendations to achieve those goals.