ExpressRoute Assessment - 3 Day Assessment


ExpressRoute Assessment is our 3 day assessment offering which is centred on providing private, high-performance, and optimised connectivity into Azure for your organisation.

Having resilient, highly available and scalable network connectivity to Azure and the services contained within is vital for every organisation. With Azure we achieve this using ExpressRoute. As part of our ExpressRoute Assessment we will engage with your Network and Infrastructure SMEs to assess and understand your network requirements with a view of implementing ExpressRoute to ensure that your business is connecting to Azure in an optimized manner.

We will work with you as part of the assessment to understand more about your specific networking requirements so that we can design and implement the appropriate solution using ExpressRoute that is appropriate for your business.

Specific areas which we focus on as part of our three day assessment includes:

  • Connectivity - we get to understand the connectivity requirements for your organisation. No matter whether its a Cloud echange co-location, P2P ethernet connection, Any-to-Any VPN or ExpressRoute Direct we can guide and advise you along the way. We will share our deep knowledge on ExpressRoute to demystify the technical complexities that can often be confusing.
  • Redundancy - there are a number of architectual considerations for ExpressRoute than we will help you navigate. Rest assured no matter whether its first mile phsyical layer design, peering or even tuning we can help determine the best solution for you.
  • Bandwidth Sizing - ExpressRoute comes in various SKUs. As part of our assessment we will work with you to determine the appropriate SKU for your organisation to ensure that you are getting maximum benefit from the spend incurred.
  • Global versus Local Connectivity - we will review and assess your global/local presence of your organisation and design and implement ExpressRoute based on our assessment findings Billing - we will work with you to determine the best fit for your organisation when it comes to billing and data plan