Azure Virtual WAN Assessment - 3 Day Assessment


Our Azure Virtual WAN assessment will review and assess the options open to your organisation that will bring together many facets of Azure, such as: networking, monitoring, security and routing.

The Azure Virtual WAN 3 Day Assessment will review your entire organisation and site locations with a view of providing cost effective, low latency connectivity across all of your office, branch and data centre locations. With Azure Virtual WAN we can help build the networking foundations to support your business. As part of our assessment we will review your existing networking services and how they are deployed and will evolve your current capabilities to take advantage of the following benefits that Azure Virtal WAN has to offer:

  • Core Azure Service - Azure Virtual WAN is one of Microsoft's core networking focus areas and is constantly improving with new features and functionality regularly released.
  • Availability - Azure Virtual WAN offers a highly available gateway and backbone infrastructure across the globe.
  • Flexibility - the Azure Virtual WAN service is straightforward to setup and manage. Scaling the service - either up or down - incurs no downtime.
  • Capability - the service offers a high-level of automation which helps to significantly reduce the time to deploy and the effort to manage.
  • Partner Ecosystem - there are a considerable number of Microsoft Partners who have complimentary products which can be used in support of Azure Virtual WAN
  • Please review our Azure Virtual WAN Datasheet for more information on the assessment services provided as part of this offering.