SAP on Azure 10-Week Implementation


SAP on Azure from Servent is our framework to help you migrate SAP to Azure. With this offering we simplify the deployment and migration process as part of your journey to using SAP on Azure.

As part of our SAP on Azure offering we can help get you started quickly and easily using SAP on Azure. We have invested in automation to take care of time consuming deployment activities so that you don’t have to, and we leverage the underlying Microsoft Azure cloud platform capabilities to manage the infrastructure deployed. The intellectual property we have created is a result of delivering real-world SAP on Azure engagements for our enterprise customers. We can also help you lift and shift your current on-premises SAP workloads to Azure in a safe, secure, robust and repeatable manner.

With SAP on Azure we can enable agile SAP development and test environments with an almost limitless pool of Azure cloud resources which can be consumed on-demand. This infrastructure can be provisioned and decommissioned in minutes and in a far more efficient manner than typical deployments in your traditional, on-premises data centre.


  • Fully automated provisioning of SAP landscapes.
  • Automated configuration of governance and monitoring.
  • DevOps frameworks for agile integration.
  • Huge cost savings in the region of 40-70% compared to on-premises infrastructure.

This offer has estimated costs as the costs will vary for each engagement which can be discussed in more detail at the outset.