Azure Stack HCI Services

Dell Technologies Services

Learn how to operationalize Azure Hybrid with Azure Arc and Azure Stack. Day two operations enablement to drive value out of your investment

With this service, you will better understand how to operationalize Azure Stack HCI for day two operations and accelerate your hybrid cloud adoption journey that drives value out of your investment. You’ll be able to deploy or extend your application from cloud to the core (Datacenter) or to the Edge through Azure Stack HCI and Arc enabled services. Our Azure experts will enable you to deploy cloud native & modern workloads through Azure Arc enabled services and consolidate operations through Azure Arc enabled infrastructure integrations. Our Azure Hybrid Outcome Accelerator and Cloud Experience Journey framework will enable you to deliver business outcomes and achieve your objectives.

-Post the Azure Stack HCI cluster deployment, our services will provide you a week of knowledge transfer and operational handoff of Azure Stack HCI cluster setup & how to administer the cluster using Windows Admin Center.

-Migration and integration with Azure Backup for key workloads into your Azure Stack HCI environment.

-Orchestration of Azure Site Recovery to provide disaster recovery capabilities to your most critical workloads running on Azure Stack HCI.

-Enablement of key Azure services through Azure Arc, including Azure Arc Data Services and Azure Arc enabled SQL Server.

-Advanced monitoring capabilities for the Azure Stack HCI platform and workloads.