Implementation for Microsoft Azure Public

Dell Technologies Services

Get help implementing a public cloud solution for your business with Microsoft Azure

IT organizations who desire to move from a multicloud by default state to a multicloud by design state are facing the challenge of how to go about the transformation it in a thoughtful way, bringing benefits to the business. They would need to consider what cloud landing zones would be the best place to run their existing applications and workloads, and which cloud services they should consume to best address their business objectives.

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud would be a choice many would consider, due to the many benefits it has to offer. Running Microsoft workloads in Azure as well as utilizing the same tools and services both on-premises and cloud, are just a few of these benefits.

This service will help you to take advantage of public cloud benefits with the help of Dell experts: • Create a foundation on which to build and deliver on-demand cloud services • Seamlessly integrate and manage your environment with tools and services designed for multicloud • Provide continuous innovation with on-demand scaling of virtual machines