Dell Technologies Managed XDR with Microsoft Sentinel

Dell Technologies Services

Delivering 24x7 monitoring of all threats and malicious behavior with a Managed XDR service, powered by Microsoft Sentinel.

Dell Technologies is pleased to offer managed XDR services for our customers which is a complete end-to-end offer designed to keep customers secure using Microsoft Technology and experienced security analysts.

We utilize a follow the sun methodology to monitor customer environments 24x7, mitigating exposure for our customers on nights, weekends, and holidays when threat actors like to strike most.

The seasoned analyst team will threat hunt, investigate, and assist in remediation, communicating the most important details to our customers so they can stay focused on activities that matter most to them while Dell can reduce noise and false positives.

Our core offer features are valued by customers in many industries including small and medium business, state and local government, healthcare, education, and large enterprise customers. Offer features include:

• Onboarding the customer to the technology

• 24/7 monitoring of endpoints, data, servers, data, and infrastructure

• Threat hunting and investigation

• Remediation assistance

• Performance and security policy tuning

• Quarterly reports with trends and advice on security posture

• 40 hours of Incident Response initiation, helping to escalate the most critical issues to our SIRT team

Rest assured that as a customer, you will be in great hands with the Dell Technologies Managed XDR team. We will provide the critical resources and threat management you need to ensure you can reduce exposure and downtime due to cyber events.