Advanced Data Analytics - 6 Month Implementation

Seven Seas Computers

Advanced analytics is a valuable asset for organizations because it can help them solve complicated challenges and supports data driven decision making.

Any organization has customers at its core. Our services will help customers get better insights from data our services will help customer to use their data as the cornerstone to building a business.

Every day, businesses generate a large volume of data from many devices, which is then saved as content in a repository. All of these contents are useless unless they are logically saved and analyzed. To store and analyze such large amounts of data, a platform that is scalable and accessible from anywhere in the globe is required. Provisioning such infrastructure on-premises is more difficult than it appears. However, Microsoft Azure assists us in addressing critical business issues and simplifying data processing capabilities by allowing businesses to use their Platforms such as Synapse Analytics, Analysis services, Azure Event Hub, Azure Machine Learning services to store and analyze large volumes of data, which can then be analyzed using Power BI or any other visualization platform.

Because advanced analytics necessitates the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Microsoft Azure becomes the best option for businesses. Businesses may modernize their existing BI environment with Azure, and the same datasets can be ingested by Machine Learning services to forecast business outcomes and AI-powered recommendation systems.

Our experienced consultants can assist organizations in moving forward in their BI journey by assisting them in predicting business outcomes and using recommendation systems to change parameters that will help take customer business forward.

We consult our clients and support their business insight needs through our business analytics practice where we focus on the following areas.

Marketing Intelligence

  • Research and Analytics Practice
  • Field marketing program

Business Intelligence

  • Solution for continuous improvement.

Operational Intelligence

  • Operational Intelligence through analysing internal data
  • Planning and Performance management Solution

Customer Intelligence

  • Customer intelligence through analysing internal data
  • CRM Solution
  • iON Customer Intelligence Solutions