Azure Red Hat OpenShift: 4-Wk Implementation


Get up and running with a Red Hat OpenShift cluster and integrate it directly with Azure Services.
As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Red Hat Apex Partner, Shadow-Soft can architect, implement, and integrate an Azure Red Hat OpenShift solution to meet unique requirements. Shadow-Soft certified engineers will assist in rapidly building and configuring a Red Hat OpenShift cluster, and integrating it directly with Azure Services, allowing your organization to automate container management and enable developer speed. ## What's Included: * Rapidly provision and configure a OpenShift cluster with cluster sizing, capacity/network planning, storage, cluster monitoring, and third-party integrations * Configure platform operations, including cluster security and governance, backup, performance, logging, metrics, and capacity * Architect and integrate CI/CD pipelines, repository management, and code deployment and management * Assess and recommend Azure architecture to support Red Hat OpenShift * Integrate with Azure Services, including Azure Disk Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Functions, Azure Monitor, Azure Load Balancer, API Management, and Keyvault * Codevelop security practices, including Azure Identity Management (IDM) and Role-based Access Control (RBAC) ## Key Benefits: * Certified Microsoft Azure and Red Hat Engineers * POC funding programs available for qualified customers * Enablement and knowledge transfer via “over the shoulder” training and workshops