Java Application Modernization: 2-Wk Assessment


Help organizations adopt cloud computing to enhance the agility, reduce costs, and drive innovation by modernize the existing applications using cloud-native principles.
Shadow-Soft understands that many organizations adopt cloud computing to enhance their agility, reduce costs, and drive innovation. To fully realize these benefits organizations must modernize their existing applications using cloud-native principles. These principles include concepts such as loosely coupled service-driven architectures, containerization, elastic infrastructure, and DevOps development. Cloud-native concepts and technologies are still relatively new. Most organizations do not have the required internal skills or experience to implement cloud-native computing effectively. What's Included: * Comprehensive assessment process uses a combination of automated application discovery and traditional requirements gathering to understand actual resource consumption, business, cultural and regulatory requirements * Provides a migration plan based on a proven methodology that includes best-practices for creation of landing zone, use of IAM, etc * Identify opportunities for application decoupling to provide immediate agility and ROI for cloud adoption * Develop architectural recommendation based on five pillars of the cloud framework - operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization * Identity and apply available Proof of Concept (POC) funding from public cloud providers to offset initial migration costs * Customized migration path based on your organization’s cloud maturity * Ongoing cost and expense management service once a workload is implemented Key Benefits: * Decrease time with cloud-native architecture to enable increased agility and extensibility * Shorten application release cycles by using cloud-native design patterns alongside agile and DevOps techniques * Enhance agility and speed of your IT systems to support a digital transformation initiative